Size Guide for your Bracelet

Perfect Fit: Your Bracelet Size Guide from the team of Marie.

Whether you're finding your perfect fit or surprising someone with a gift, our sizing guide are here to help you out. It's easy!

Before you start: you need a measuring tape (medida)

1. Grab the measuring tape (medida) and snuggly wrap it around your wrist. Make sure that your hand is in an open position, palm facing up (that is the biggest size of your wrist). 

Measuring Tape Wrapped Around Wrist

2. Read and take note of the measurement in centimeters (cm)

There you have it! you now have your wrist size! 


  • If you want a loose fit, add 2 cm from your measurement
  • Creating a stack? Measure where on your arm you’ll wear each bracelet.
  • If you don't have a medida, use a strip of paper and a ruler. Wrap the strip of paper around your wrist and mark it. After, measure the length of marks to the ruler.
  • Hoping to surprise someone? Send us a photo of their jewelry pieces on Facebook/Instagram and our dedicated team will help you find the right fit!

Still not sure about your wrist size? Connect to a representative and message us at Facebook, Instagram or our E-mail! 💕

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